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Power + Energy Associates provides Independent Engineering Services to the Power Generation and Energy Industry worldwide. The consultancy is soundly based on many years of experience encompassing all aspects of thermal power plant design, development, procurement, construction, commissioning through to operation and maintenance.

We apply expertise and knowledge to a wide range of activities including Project Development, Concept and Feasibility. Assignments advise on Economic Analysis, Due Diligence, Specification, Procurement, Agreements, Site Investigations, Reports, Fuel Supply, Plant Layout, Steam Cycle Design, Combined Cycle Technology, Cogeneration, CHP for Industry, Steam and Gas Turbines, Steam Generators and Boilers, Heat Recovery, Process Steam and Performance Assessment. Our work spans activities starting from initial investigation and concept, negotiating and preparing key agreements up to project implementation.

P+EA specialises in providing expertise to meet the individual needs of power and energy industry clients. Services are provided to project developers, banks, independent power producers, process industries, consulting organisations, major equipment suppliers and EPC contractors amongst others. This service is unbiased and independent of suppliers and contractors. Typical assignments may include the following tasks:
  • Advising Project Owners and Developers
  • Due Diligence/ Acquisition Studies
  • Project Development Services
  • Plant Selection and Project Costs
  • Design Concept and Feasibility
  • Independent Construction Monitoring
  • Site Inspections and Investigations
  • Reporting to Sponsors / Owners
  • Formal Presentation of Findings
  • Providing Reports and Recommendations

Some examples of our activities:

Combined Cycle Expansion Study. Review of an existing CCGT plant and the technical case to proceed with an expansion with additional gas turbines, heat recovery steam generators and associated plant. The study considered feasibility and the need to take account of various systems limitations. The comments provided included plant operating range, steam turbine, condenser, ambient considerations and plant layout to accommodate the new installations.

Review carried out of CARMA published CO2 Emissions Data on behalf of a CCGT plant owner. The review examined actual plant CO2 emissions and compared these to those on web site. Comments were also given on reliability of published figures. A recommendation was given on the estimated annual CO2 emissions and Intensity together with relationship to plant annual average sent out efficiency.

Technical review of Competent Person Report for a 300MWe lignite fired power plant as part of the development of a major resource in South Asia. A variety of technologies were reviewed and the most appropriate available technology for unit sizes of 300MWe reported. It was confirmed that the technology is commercially proven in the considered output range.

Together with investor representatives carried out a Due Diligence Inspection in Eastern Europe of a conventional coal and bio-fuel fired Power Station and District Heating Plant. The resulting report included a detailed assessment of the condition of the power station and other facilities, life expectancy and the continued operation of these facilities. An assessment of the eventual decommissioning costs was given.

Validation of Boiler Efficiency and Performance Guarantees following NOx Abatement Modifications at a major UK coal fired power station. Independent review made of the results of tests before and after modification out to validate the performance. Each boiler tested at two loads on oil only, three loads on coal only and also on coal/ oil. Tests carried out in accordance with test procedures and PTC4 and the results checked using both PTC4 and BS EN 12952 Part 15. Comparison to the contractor reports and independent results reported. 

P+EA were assigned to visit the premises of a UK process developer to review Laboratory Operations and make recommendations for the future development of their laboratories. This review considered the testing and analysis aspects of raw materials received for testing according to a patented process for pelletisation, control of the process and the quality parameters.

Investigation carried out into Fuel Conversion Efficiency at a major European Lignite Fired Thermal Plant over two-year period. The entire process was examined and extensive discussions carried out to gain a comprehensive understanding of the plant activities and procedures affecting Fuel Conversion. This involved examining the fuel conversion process from start to finish, fuel delivery from delivery point to the boilers, combustion, turbine performance, power generation, auxiliary power consumption and power export. Based on our recommendations a series of heat rate tests were carried out under our supervision. A report has been issued together with recommendations for improving the plant operational efficiency and fuel conversion, which are being implemented.

Engaged by power off-takers within the Canadian regulated power market in order to assist them in responding to the State Utility Air Emissions Strategy. This involved reviewing and commenting on technical submissions from the Utility and other Stakeholders to the Electricity Regulator. Reports were provided by P+EA on available SO2 emissions reduction technologies from large coal fired units and flue gas desulphurisation processes. Technical and economic comparisons were given and the estimated reductions in SO2 emissions provided. A separate P+EA report covered the available technologies to reduce NOx emissions, proposed Optimising Combustion and installation of a Low NOx Burner system then further NOx reductions by either Reburn or SNCR/ SCR to be considered. Subsequently the first two steps were implemented and following completion of the modifications tests carried out and we were asked to review and comment on the Contractor reports.

Further examples of our activities can be found on the P+EA Experience page.

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