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We provide advice and consulting services in the area of Operation and Maintenance for Power Generation and Energy related plants. Our experience in this field includes the experience of our Consultants in power generation operation & maintenance. 

Power + Energy Associates apply their expertise in O+M to Due Diligence, Conventional Thermal Power, Combined Cycle Technology, Cogeneration, CHP for Industry, Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Steam Generators, Boiler Plant, Heat Recovery, Process Steam, and Steam Distribution. This advisory work can be extended through the various phases of a project from the initial concept; selection of Operator, determining Facility targets and to setting in place the systems and procedures. Ongoing assignments involve audits and the regular review of plant performance in accordance with the conditions stipulated in project agreements.

Operation and Maintenance Advisors we assist with negotiations, establishing Agreements, appointment of Operators, the implementation of state-of-art asset management technology, O+M procedures, O+M documentation and performance audit/ review. We use our experience and expertise to put in place technology to enhance Facility O+M management.

A Benchmarking Analysis has been carried out for two combined cycle cogeneration plants employing advance technology Aero-Derivative Gas Turbines. This work involved reviewing existing operational and maintenance data alongside business, financial and maintenance drivers. Benchmarks were established along with options for improving the financial performance of the plant taking account of risks. A case was presented for minimising maintenance costs and balancing the risk with different maintenance arrangements. The analysis included lifetime cost, operational risk, effect on availability, speed of response and plant manning levels needed maintain a minimum level of service. The option of a fired hour contract was considered. Various maintenance concepts were developed and a competitive total maintenance service compared to employing maintenance staff for day-to-day maintenance and employing alternative service providers to carry out inspections and provide expertise. Companies were identified to support the proposals and the risk associated with spare parts considered.

We were engaged to investigate and resolve Operational Failures and Operational Reliability for boiler plant and steam turbine plant in India. The assignment was for a Cogeneration plant with solid fuel fired CFB boiler and a condensing steam turbine generator. Records were examined, inspections made and the root cause of the problems identified. As a result modifications and repairs were agreed with manufacturers and the work supervised at site, including witnessing onsite re-balance of steam turbine-generator, attending the plant re-commissioning and re-start of the plant to full load. Follow up site visits were made, output and reliability performance monitored over an extended period. The result was significant improvements to the overall operation of the plant.

We have assisted with Operational Trials on major coal fired power plants in the Far East. P+EA set out a programme for coal burn trials, directed the trials, acted as independent observer and monitored the operation of the plant. It was concluded that the trials were a complete success, demonstrating good handling and combustion characteristics of the test coal, good combustion with low SO2, NOx and dust emissions these being well below those of the comparison coal. The coal burned well, there were no reported problems with auxiliary systems. Operational differences were observed between units with classifier settings, use of mills and burner tilt settings. The effectiveness of the sulphur injection (SO3) system was monitored and the operational performance of electrostatic precipitators observed.

P+EA were assigned as Independent Technical Auditor following a serious over-pressurisation incident on a large reciprocating engine generator unit. An initial investigation was made when damage to the engine and engine systems assessed including exhaust system and catalyst. P+EA were introduced to the Independent Internal Panel of Enquiry (IPOI) and met with major suppliers involved. Following this, investigations were made, reports reviewed and all related documentation studied. A view was provided on the Root Cause of the Incident and recommendations for prevention of a failure reoccurrence provided. Following on from this the extended review covered the investigative process, findings, maintenance, repair and modification work, re-commissioning, and future operation and maintenance of the Plant. The recommendations included implementation of an additional engine protection scheme, updating O+M instructions and follow up and verification of recommendations after a period of time.

Our work in the O+M field is varied and may also include the following:

  • Review of Project Documentation
  • O+M Technical Advisory Services
  • Reliability and Availability Analysis
  • Independent Assessment of Facility Operation
  • Due Diligence and Technical Audits
  • Preparing Operator Terms of Reference
  • Negotiation of O+M Contracts
  • Assistance to Lenders and Banks
  • Reporting to Sponsors/ Owners
  • Making a Formal Presentation of Findings
  • Implementation and Follow Up

Further examples of our activities can be found on the
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