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Power + Energy Associates provide Independent Performance Assessment and Independent Testing Services to the Power Generation Industry world-wide as well as providing testing services in the field of energy for industry. 

The consultancy is soundly based on many years of experience covering all aspects of thermal power plant design, development, procurement, construction, and commissioning through to operation and maintenance.

Independent Performance Assessment is one of the Key activities of P+EA. This experince has included more than 300 performance tests. We use our skills and experience, developed over a career in the industry, to carry out both site based and desktop studies to determine expected plant performance and assess makers' technical proposals and bids. This work extends through the various phases of a project to proving the guarantee performance and independent supervision of performance tests. Ongoing
assignments include the regular review of plant operational performance in response to the conditions stipulated in project agreements.

Steam Turbine GeneratorWe use up to date technology and the latest computer software to review and assess the thermodynamic performance of the plant. We provide independent supervision and professional reporting of performance tests and advice on procedures and the application of test codes.

"We have the expertise and are well experienced in monitoring, setting up and running performance tests for all kinds of thermal power facilities. This includes industrial boilers, steam turbines, gas turbines, Cogeneration, CHP, CCGT, Waste Recovery and Conventional thermal power plants."

As the Independent Performance Engineer, we provide an impartial and independent service to evaluate, assess and supervise plant performance acceptance and periodic tests. We recognise the need to provide independent and impartial advice. Our testing service is also applicable to other industries where independent assessment and testing is a requirement.

Assignments typically include:

  • Review of Project Documentation
  • Services of an Experienced Engineer
  • Agreement on Terms of Reference
  • Desk Top Studies Using Proprietary Software
  • Plant Configuration Studies
  • Performance Optimisation Studies
  • Independent Technical Review
  • Advice on Performance Testing
  • Interpretation of Performance Test Codes
  • Preparation of a Test Protocol
  • Arranging Meetings with Contractors
  • Assessment of Instrumentation
  • Review of Instrument Calibrations
  • Uncertainty Analysis
  • Supervising Performance Tests
  • Coordination with all Parties
  • Analysis of the test data
  • Review of contractor reports
  • Reporting to Project Sponsors/ Owners
  • Making a Formal Presentation of Findings
  • Provision of Report and Recommendations

​We invite you to discuss with us your planned performance test requirements. Contact us and review our extensive experience covering all thermal power applications. 

  • Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • Cogeneration Power Plants
  • CHP and Biomass Power Plants
  • Conventional Thermal Power Plants
  • Gas, Biomass, Waste Derived, Coal and Lignite
  • Steam Generation Plant
  • Steam Turbines
  • Gas Turbines
  • Industrial Boilers



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